Newborn Photo Retouch

Newborn Photo Retouch

Newborn photo retouching is quite challenging as they won't perform any command or can help you to bring unique pose. Besides, it needs patience to wait for the right time to take the amazing shots. As these shots are too unpredictable there's lots of chance of getting dust, unwanted objects, scratch, or child blemishes that make your photo imperfect. So, photo retouching is a must to remove those imperfections & derive elegant newborn photos that can satisfy the clients.

Do you worried about how to make your newborn baby images exclusive? Do you struggle to get rid of skin imperfections? Yes, it's challenging to retouch baby skin naturally & ensure a smooth skin tone. PTE is here to remove your worries & offer the complete solution to retouch newborn photos. We offer the cheapest rate for newborn photo retouch. Our expert retoucher knows how to re-correct sensitive notorious baby skin without making it edited.

PTE tricks to transform perfect newborn photos

  • Adjust details skin tone including white balance, level, hues, saturation to derive accurate smooth skin.
  • Adjust lighting, balanced exposure.
  • Remove grayness, wrinkles, rashes, or any unwanted birthmark according to client requirements.
  • Fix double chins.
  • Convert close eye to open.
  • Attach smile on lips
  • Advance manipulation to make the newborn photos cost-saving & attractive.
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