Image Masking

Image Masking

Image masking is one of the popular & demanding editings for photographers, advertisement agencies & e-commerce entrepreneurs. Masking needs expertise hand & experience to ensure smooth cut out. It is one of the advanced & crucial parts of photoshop image editing.

PTE has special robust & skilled teams to provides efficient image masking services at the lowest price rate. Basically when any image contains complex shape that has uneven soft edges, outlines, multiple turns & curves there is no alternative to image masking to remove background from these kinds of complex images.

Photo Masking allows to hide or expose some part of an image. Also, you can change the whole background by applying to mask. Besides cut out subjects from the background, masking helps to improve quality.

 It is essential to make your product photos vibrant & appealing. You can fix a distracting background with a contrasting one that helps you to attract customers.

The specialty of PTE is that we offer perfection. No matter how complex your image is we maintain the efficiency & quality to give you attractive images that help you to convert visitors into customers.

We offer different types of image masking that are given below-

  • Hair Masking
  • Layer Masking
  • Alpha channel masking
  • Pixel masking
  • Color Masking
  • Transparency Masking
  • Collage Making Masking
  • Translucent masking, etc.

If you are looking for premier quality image masking grab our best service at affordable prices. Photoshop image masking is an inevitable part for separate complex images into layers or masks.

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PTE provides premium service and fast turnaround time at a lowest possible cost. In addition, PTE provides other value added services to customize client’s need to help gain competitive advantage.

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